We’re your biggest fan.

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You plus Yum! equals one great team. We believe in our associates and all they can do. We take time to nurture, grow and reinforce that belief in many ways. Because together, we know we’ll go far.

Check out our four-pronged approach to the best Yum! you:

1) Your development is top of mind.

At Yum!, you’re on a path to success. We give you the tools to continue to learn, grow and develop further as a person every day. Along with our emphasis on experience, each mid-year, you work with your coach to craft a plan that will optimize your personal development. You begin with our Walk the Talk 360° Survey, using the &rdquot;How We Lead“ and ”How We Win Together“ criteria along with the comprehensive perspectives of coaches, peers, customers and direct reports. All of this helps strengthen your performance. With that feedback in hand, you can create a solid development plan focused on learning from experience that ensures you reach your full Yum! potential.

2) Go on, lead the way.

At Yum!, everyone is a leader. Our Leadership Development curriculum is grounded in the key skills and attributes of How We Lead, which focuses on coaching yourself and others to remove obstacles to success and achieve breakthrough results. Through a combination of e-learning, virtual classrooms, supervisor support and developmental tools, every associate will learn how to apply the right tools and processes to soon make marks of their own.

3) Someone to look up to.

Mentoring is a big part of the Yum! way. Everyone has the opportunity to grow professionally and to coach others through every transition and phase of their career. Mentoring relationships allow a safe and supportive environment to share ideas, try new skills, take risks, improve leadership abilities and turn values and strategies into breakthrough results.

4) Yum! University.

At Yum!, there’s no limit on your ability to learn. We’ve developed Yum! University (YU) to help associates across the globe understand the key concepts needed for success in any experience. Through our robust curriculum, we provide the approaches and tools needed to lead and manage effectively. Yum! University’s focus is centreed around three key areas:

  • Leadership Excellence
    Everyone is a leader at Yum! Each of our associates strive for breakthrough results in their part of Yum!, as well as coaching and developing themselves and their teams. The courses, offered along with supporting tools, help build capability across all levels of the organization.
  • Culture Excellence
    Driving a recognition-based, global culture that focuses on growth and breakthrough performance is essential for our continual success. Yum! University’s courses and tools help ensure we live our “How We Win Together” principles and maintain an “Achieving Breakthrough Results” mindset every day.
  • Functional Excellence
    To become “the defining global company that feeds the world” requires a sharp focus on excellence across all functions. Yum! University’s courses support our RGM#1 philosophy and help us run great restaurants by teaching critical skills and processes, providing support tools and reinforcing mindsets that span the functional areas of our business.
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